UNDERRATTED Products That Should Dominate the Beauty Industry

There are lots of very popular makeup brands and products that are really hot right nowadays. Every beauty guru and YouTuber seems to be talking about the same ole products constantly… but there are products that we can’t forget about. I feel like there are so many products that are sooooo underrated and just not raved about anymore.

  1. Wet n Wild Blushes – These blushes are so pigmented and they are so affordable for their quality. I don’t hear people talking about these blushes enough because highlight and contour are all the rage now. However, don’t sleep on these blushes. You won’t regret it; they are really great.
  2. Elf Makeup Brushes– Cheap and good quality? Yes please!! The elf brushes I have are actually better than some of my more expensive brushes. These are a must if you are on a budget.
  3. Milani Matte Lip Creme– I haven’t really seen any beauty bloggers talking about these. Most beauty bloggers are obsessed with the current popular lipsticks now like Kylie’s liquid lipsticks, Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, Colourpop lippies, etc. However, Milani has really great lip products too. They aren’t transfer proof but they are definitely long wearing. Also, they are sickly pigmented. One swipe and it’s opaque.
  4. Milani Eyeshadow Compacts– Again, I feel like Milani is a brand that gets overshadowed a lot because so many people are coming out with so many products that everyone forgets how great they are. Their eyeshadow compacts are a life saver in my opinion because it’s like a complete look in just one compact. I have so many of these and they are PERFECT for traveling or just everyday looks. Their shadows are very buildable and give off nice pigmentation.
  5. Ulta Beauty– Ulta makes makeup that’s strictly Ulta brand. They do carry a lot of other brands but they actually make really amazzzzzing products. I have not been disappointed yet. Need a blinding highlight? Go to Ulta (Diamond Illuminating Powder is a must). Need a nice lipstick? Go to Ulta. Not enough people are seeking out Ulta products and it baffles my mind because they are cheaper than the other brands they carry, but have great quality makeup.

These brands/products will forever be apart of my favorites because they seriously are amazing. I will constantly rave about these because someone needs to right? (LOL)

Take care,



Your Ultimate Get-Ready Playlist

When I get ready, I really love blasting music to wake me up and get me in a great mood!! I have made a playlist that consists of tons of upbeat songs that are perfect for getting ready whether you are getting ready in the morning, for a night out on the town, or for an event. I love singing along at the top of my lungs in my favorite microphone ( ie my makeup brush) and have a little dance party for one.

  1. Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj, Beyonce
  2. MILF $ by Fergie
  3. Work from Home by Fifth Harmony
  4. Work by Rihanna
  5. That’s What I like by Bruno Mars
  6. Diva by Beyonce
  7. Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls
  8. Bad Girls by M.I.A.
  9. Birthday Cake by Rihanna
  10. Milkshake by Kelis
  11. Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson
  12. L.A. Love (La La) by Fergie
  13. Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce
  14. Obsessed by Mariah Carey
  15. Faded by Cierra Rameriez
  16. Body Say by Demi Lovato
  17. Pour It Up by Rihanna
  18. Hey Daddy by Usher
  19. Dance (A$$) Remix by Big Sean, Nicki Minaj
  20. Say It by Flume, Tove Lo
  21. Loca by Shakira
  22. Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato
  23. Despacito by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber (I had to. I love dancing to it)
  24. Side to Side by Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
  25. BO$$ by Fifth Harmony



August Favorites! | Makeup & Skin Care

Goodbye August! Hello September! Looking back on the LAST MONTH OF SUMMER ( *sad face*), I had really been loving a lot of new things. August was the month I really stepped out of my comfort zone and started trying new products. (Warning: This favorites post is probably going to be the most random combination.)

  1. The first thing I had really been loving is the Proactiv toner. I tried this years ago with the whole kit they give you (with the face washes, mask, zit cream, etc) and I didn’t like it as much. I still had this in my drawer and I thought that I would give it another try. I actually really like it! I truly think I see a difference in my skin since I have been using it. It smooths out my skin and diminished the break outs I had at the time.
  2. The second thing that comes to mind that I had been loving is… (wait for it) THE JACLYNXMORPHE PALETTE! Oh my goodness. It is so good. Pigmentation is on point; the blendability is out of this world. I think this product should be in all of my monthly favorites because it is just that good. IMG_6904.JPG
  3. Speaking of Morphe, I had been loving their brushes. I was expecting their brushes to be less quality given how cheap they are but they’re great. These brushes are probably some of the best brushes I had ever owned. So soft. Such high quality. So affordable.
  4. Velour lashes. I really don’t think this favorite needs explanation. But, for real.These lashes are soooooo good. I thought people were kidding when they raved about these lashes but they are seriously so good. I really love their lash band a lot. I know that’s a weird thing to say but it’s hard to find lashes with a lash band that’s so nice to apply. They are so soft and they top off any look!IMG_8710.JPG
  5. Another favorite of mine is Vaseline intensive care essential healing lotion. I usually stray away from using new lotions because my skin is so sensitive but I really love this one. It makes my skin so soft and it smells heavenly.
  6. Last but certainly not least is definitely a favorite of the month. However, it is not a makeup or a skin product. It is Spotify. I know what you’re thinking.. “why is she putting Spotify in her monthly favorites?” Well, because I get ready to my playlists every day. I shower, put my makeup on, do my hair, and get dressed all to music. It helps put me in a good mood and it is so fun to get ready to in the morning. After all, what’s better than a huge jam sesh in the morning before conquering the day?

What are your favorites of the month? Anything I should try out for September? Let me know!!



My Favorites From 30-Day Makeup Challenge

Wow, I can not believe that the makeup challenge came to an end yesterday! I thought I would round up my absolute FAVORITE looks from this month! These looks were so fun to create and I am really pleased how they turned out!


(top left- feline; top right; Carribean crush; next row left- Turn back time; right- I’m a Barbie girl; next row right- Ggreen eyed monster; middle- Fresh off the runway; right- Bedazzle; last row left- Bright times; right- Disco tech)

Let me know what your favorites were from this month. I hope y’all enjoyed this crazy challenge with me. Thank you for being apart of this makeup journey with me!




Last Week Of Makeup Challenge


The makeup challenge has finally come to an end! WOW! It’s so bittersweet to say goodbye to this crazy challenge. It has taught me so much about stepping out of my comfort zone and creating amazing looks that no one has created before. I loved every minute of it. Here is the last week (ish) of the makeup challenge. Be sure to check out my favorite looks of the makeup challenge!!

Blue lagoonIMG_8459.JPG

Disco techIMG_8463.JPG

I wanna be famous (A look inspired by a picture from Kylie Jenner)FullSizeRender.jpg


Bright timesIMG_8559.JPG

Video killed the radio starIMG_8619.JPG

Pop goes the weaselIMG_8641.JPG



Products I used to love…. But DON’T anymore

Since I have started really getting into makeup, there are many things that I used to use and love… but can’t stand anymore. As I continue to learn more and more about makeup, I notice and realize what I actually want in products. Now, after using these products so much and growing as a makeup lover and beauty blogger, I have steered clear of these products altogether.

  1. Covergirl waterproof mascara– I used to love this because I was obsessed with waterproof mascaras back in the day. I like the formula of this one… but I HATE the wand. It picks up way too much product and goes on super clumpy.
  2. Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion– I had been gifted this and I loved it so much for a couple of days. My eyeshadow stayed on through anything… but I must be allergic to something in the formula. The day after I wore it for an entire day, I woke up with horribly swelled eyes. They were so puffy that I had to put ice packs on my eyes.
  3. Maybelline 24-hour SuperStay lipstick– Ugh.. I hated this one ever since I put it on my lips. It was soooo patchy when I applied it and dried out my lips so much.
  4. Covergirl clean matte BB cream– When I first used it, I thought it wasn’t so bad. As the day went on, I noticed that it gets very oily, very fast. It never went on “matte” as it claims to do, and gave no coverage whatsoever.
  5. Maybelline Volum’Express The Falsies mascara– HATE. the wand. The product may be very nice, but the wand tends to take off the mascara as it puts more on. (Does that make sense?) You will literally be putting it on, and it’ll be thinning out as you apply. IDK this might work for some people, but it did not work for me.

Do you have any disappointing products or products that started to hate after a while? Drop it in the comments!



Week 3 of the Makeup Challenge

As we continue on this makeup challenge, it sure is getting harder and harder to figure out what looks I want to do. I have so many ideas for each topic that it’s hard to narrow it down into one look. I have learned this week that this challenge is really helping me step out of my comfort zone and embrace a more artistic, abstract side of makeup.

Day 1: Fancy DressFullSizeRender-20.jpg

Day 2: Bold is goldFullSizeRender-16.jpg

Day 3: Memoirs of a geishaFullSizeRender-18.jpg

Day 4: Fresh off the runway (can I just say this has been my most favorite look of the entire challenge so far!!) FullSizeRender-17.jpg

Day 5: Here comes the bride FullSizeRender-19.jpg

Day 6: BedazzleIMG_8280.JPG

Day 7: Crazy lines


My Recent Makeup HORROR Story

Hey everyone!! Welcome to story time with your favorite beauty blogger (hahaha kidding!). But really… I have a story for you. Looking back on it, I just have to share it with the beauty community because this community might understand my struggle. So grab a drink, a handful of popcorn (or 5) and get comfy.

A few days ago family decided to go to on a mini vacation and tour some colleges along the way for my brother, as he is going to college soon. We woke up promptly at 6 a.m. at which point I started to get ready. Before I do anything in the morning, I will wash my face and put in my contacts so I can start on my makeup. Once I was done, I headed over to the mirror where I set up my station of brushes, foundations, concealer, eyeshadows… all the good stuff. I started doing my makeup but I noticed the light was really yellow so I tried making my foundation a little more full coverage because the light was really making my problem areas look bad. As I packed on the foundation, it was starting to look better…. or so I thought! We eat breakfast and soon headed over to the college we were touring. During the walking tour, we finally got to sit down and ask some questions. At this point, my mom looks over to me and is shocked to find that my makeup looks terrible!

I opened my camera to find that mY FOUNDATION HAS MELTED OFF MY FACE IN BLOTCHES. Yes…. OFF my face! I had a huge “divet” in my nose makeup that wouldn’t blend with the rest of my face makeup. It disappeared. I finally headed to the bathroom where I just decided to wash off allllll my makeup and noticed it wouldn’t even come off. The remaining makeup (foundation, blush, bronzer) was stuck to my face. I practically had to scrub off my skin to get all of it off. (Note I did not have any wipes or makeup remover with me…. so paper towels and water was going to have to do the trick).

So, I finished the day with a blotchy red face from scrubbing, my eyebrows half on, a trace of makeup in my hairline, and no. face. makeup.

If you have a makeup horror story, I would love to hear it!! LOL Hope you got a laugh out of my story.

Until next time



6 Tricks to Make Your Eyes POP!!!

Hey y’all. So, I have been trying out a few techniques to make your eyes pop more no matter what eye color or shape you have. These tricks will help your eyes pop and look more bright/wide awake.

  1. Inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight- Highlighting your inner corner is ESSENTIAL for making your eyes look bright and wide awake. Also touching that highlight on your brow bone can really widen the eye. Having wide eyes can really show your eye color and make others drawn to your eyes.
  2. Add a pop of color on the lash line– I like to take a crazy color like blue or purple and put it along my lash line. Since I have green eyes, purple eyeshadow smoked out on the bottom really compliments my eyes.
  3. Use a white/nude eyeliner on your waterline– This can brighten your eyes and really make you more awake.
  4. LASHES– By giving your eyes a little pop, lashes are an important step. I don’t think this needs any explanation. Mascara and/or lashes really give you a really dramatic eye look.
  5. Try a smokey eye with many colors– Colors can really make your eyes pop…. especially if you use a complimentary color for your eye color.
  6. Go lighter on lipstick– Toning down lipstick will help draw all the focus to your eyes. Wearing a bright/colorful lipstick can bring the attention back to your lips instead of your eyes.

Mascaras I have tried…and LOVED (all drugstore)

We all have hit and miss mascaras and sometimes good mascaras are really difficult to find. My ideal mascara is black, lengthening, and volumizing. I have blonde eyelash tips so it’s hard to see my lashes if I don’t use mascara. I have tried A LOT of mascaras but there’s only a few that I will actually use now. No shade to any brands but a lot of the brands have put out mascaras that are clumpy, flaky, and don’t do anything good for your lashes. I have tried Covergirl supersizer waterproof mascara, Maybelline the falsies, Rimmel Volume colorist, and many more but none of these worked for me. They were NOT Tori approved.

These, on the other hand, are Tori Approved for sure!! I have included my top 3 favorite mascaras and they are all drugstore!

  1. Covergirl Clump Crusher– I am using this one currently and the brush is so nice. It is nice hard plastic that coats every lash. I don’t know what the heck is in this formula but I’m in love.
  2. Maybelline the Colossal volume– I have used this for YEARS. All throughout high school, I was asked what mascara I use and this is it! The wand is a lot different from something I normally go for but I love how big it is. It really volumizes my lashes, as well.
  3. Maybelline Great Lash– This is an oldie but a goodie. My mom got me hooked on this because ever since I was little she has been using this. I’ve noticed it really lengthens your lashes.

Also, I think it is good to note that when I do my mascara, I do NOT layer different mascaras on top of each other. I use one mascara….and one only. Sometimes mascaras don’t mix well together and can really clump up and get flaky throughout the day. Therefore, I can not speak for how they apply with different mascaras, but on their own…they are the bomb.

Keep batting those lashes girl. Xx