Essential Nail Polishes You Need In Your Life!!

Calling all nail polish lovers… I have tried and tested different nail polishes from many different brands. I have tried the cheapest nail polishes to more expensive ones. I’ve finally figured out which is the best nail polish, most long wearing, most vibrant, fastest drying, smoothing, etc.

The award for all around “Best Nail Polish” is (drum roll please…) Este Lauder. I have a few shades from them and they are all amazing. They do take a few coats to reach full opacity but once you build them up, the color pay off is AMAZING. This nail polish does dry pretty quickly and stays on for a really long time (2 weeks… maybe more with extra care).

Next, the longest wearing nail polish is Essie. I have noticed that if I wear this nail polish, it’ll stay on for a good 2 weeks. The brand just came out with new nail polishes called Gel Coutures. Both formulas, whether it’s the new polishes or the regular polishes, they both stay on a long time.

The brand with the most vibrant nail polishes is OPI. I love their brand so much. There are cool tones, warm tones, bright colors, subdued colors, neon colors, etc. They also come out with different collections pretty often. The latest nail polish collection is Iceland/Fall Winter collection which includes blues, greys, purples, and deeper fall colors. During summer, they had a collection full of very vibrant pinks, oranges, reds, and nudes.

The fastest drying nail polish is obviously Sally Hansen Insta-dri. A thin coat of this nail polish takes on average 8-10 minutes to fully dry (for me). Two coats are usually all that is needed (if that) for this nail polish. They are very opaque! The brand also makes Insta-dri top coats which makes life so much easier!!

The smoothest nail polish is made by the brand Sally Hansen again. The “complete salon manicure” nail polishes are sooooo smooth. They apply very smooth and they dry down very smooth (no air bubbles) They don’t enhance the lines and bumps in your nails; they glide right over.

The coolest/most interesting nail polishes are the magnetic line from Sally Hansen (Jeez, Sally Hansen is killing it). These nail polishes are so fascinating and I think it’s so fun to use! It comes with the nail polish and a magnet on the lid to give your nails a unique looking design.

The brand with the nicest nail polish brushes/applicators is Revlon. I don’t know why I like the brush so much but I do. It’s narrow to get a precise application and carries the right amount of product for your nails. It is long but it isn’t too round so it’s just the right fit for any nail shape/size.

The best gel nail polishes come from Sally Hansen; it’s their “salon gel polish.” It’s been the best gel nail polishes I have ever tried. They require a UV light which makes them dry instantly and helps them stay so smooth. They also have a GREAT gel top coat.

The all around cheapest (but still good quality) nail polishes are by Wet n Wild. I think their brand is sooooo underrated and they make some of the best products. Some of these nail polishes you can snatch for only $1 depending on where you look for them.  PSA: Walmart sells them for .98/.99 cents.

“Life’s too short to have plain nails.” Go grab some of the nail polishes listed above. I truly love all of the brands and count on them for making really amazing polishes. Trust me, you need these in your life. You will NOT be disappointed.


Top 5 Fav Beauty Youtubers

There is no doubt there is amazing talent on the internet, especially on YouTube. I have narrowed down my top 5 favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. These gurus are people that I look up to and inspire me every single day.

  1. Jaclyn Hill – I love her so much. She is hands down my most favorite YouTuber. I love her energy and what she stands for. She is so inspirational and I look up to her so much. She has come from a very hard past and I think it makes her very relatable.
  2. Many Mua – I love his honesty and his facial expressions. He keeps it real 24/7 and gives amazing reviews. He is also such an inspiration for broadening the “boundaries” of makeup. He’s a guy who wears makeup and slays all day.
  3. Jeffree Star – I also love his honesty when giving first impressions or reviews. He prides himself on being totally honest for his followers. The one thing that drew me in about him is his humor. He can make me laugh until my belly hurts.
  4. Kathleen Lights – She is sooo cute and I love her. I love her style that she embraces and that she is so down to earth.
  5. Shaaanxo – Her tutorials are bomb. She slays any makeup look and has such good ideas for eyeshadow looks. I love how she can be totally real on camera and let her followers into her personal life.

If you haven’t heard of these gurus or seen them, I highly recommend you subscribe to their channels and follow their makeup journey. Every beauty guru I have added stands for much more than just makeup, as well, and I just love that.

Happy watching!!


Definitions for Beauty Slang Terms

If you are into makeup and you say these terms, sometimes people don’t know what the heck you’re saying (which can be so annoying sometimes!). Use this cheat sheet to send to whoever doesn’t understand your lingo!!

  • I’m shook/ shook to the core – I’m shocked/ really shocked
  • Sickening- Super cool/pretty/amazing
  • On fleek- really well/ really good. Usually used to describe eyebrows or eyeliner.
  • Beat or the beatdown- just the act of putting makeup on
  • Beat to capacity- the makeup you have applied couldn’t look any better
  • Snatched- looking good/ looking fierce
  • Slay/slaying- killing it
  • Giving life- it’s so good it is giving your life something more
  • Haul- a big shopping spree where you buy a lot of products at one time
  • Swatch- dip your brush/finger in a product and swipe it onto your skin to assess pigment/shade/etc
  • Strobing- highlighting your face
  • Glamming- getting ready/putting on makeup

Now everyone and their mother can catch up on their makeup terms! LOL! If I missed anything, comment down below and I’ll be sure to add it!

Stay Snatched.


Favorite BBW Products

A trip to Bath and Body Works is always the most exciting thing ever, but also so anxiety provoking. I get so anxious trying to figure out which products to get. The trip poses so many questions. Which scent do I get? Do I get it in a lotion or a spray? Travel size or regular size….or BOTH?

Thanks to me, I have pulled together the best products I have ever tried at BBW.

Call me weird but there are certain scents I wear in summer vs. winter so I thought I would start out with my summer products. 

  1. Malibu Heat– This scent is very hard to find because they only have it a select few times during the year. It’s perfect in everything- body spray, lotion, etc. It’s pretty much the best summer scent there is.
  2. Waikiki Beach Coconut– Just like Malibu Heat, this scent is also such a struggle to find. It’s easier to find in shower gel and lotion. Personally, I think this scent is best in the ultra shea body lotion and the body spray.
  3. Pretty As A Peach– This scent is a very universal scent and it smells delicious. I have noticed that this scent wears off after a while so I make sure to use the lotion and the spray over.
  4. Bali Blue Surf– This is a new scent for me but I am LOVING it. It isn’t too perfumey or too strong. It’s perfect for the beach. I always keep extras in my purse. It’s the best in shower gel, lotion, and spray. (It’s literally perfect)
  5. Forever Sunshine– This scent has been discontinued from BBW website, however, you can still get it from Amazon. It might be “too perfumey” for some, but I think in moderation it smells amazing. Personally, I only like this scent in the body spray.
  6. Coconut Lime Breeze– I don’t wear this scent anymore, but I do use this scent a lot. The spray is very handy to make sure everything is smelling good (rooms, purses, drawers, etc.). This also looks really well for pillow spray.

Now, onto my winter products

  1. Warm Vanilla Sugar– This is hands down the most I wear during the winter. I am obsessed with it so much. I love every product it comes in, especially the lotion and glitter spray.
  2. Be Enchanted & Paris Amour– Just like Forever Sunshine, these two scents might also be a little “too perfumey” for people but paired with the right outfit, I think it’s a hit!
  3. Twilight Woods– This is an oldie but a goodie. Whenever I smell this, it makes me feel warm and cozy on cold winter nights.

Lastly, I have scents that I wear no matter the season. These scents can be paired with anything and everything. They are so universal and they smell so yummy.

  1. Sweet Pea– This scent is a very light scent but still so good. Perfect in the spray, hand sanitizer, and glitter spray.
  2. Beautiful Day– I am not really sure how one can explain what “Beautiful Day” smells like… but I swear it smells amazing. I love this scent in lotion, body spray, and soap!
  3. Pure Paradise– This technically is a summer scent but I use it anytime…LOL. I have been loving this scent in body spray and ultra shea lotion.

I hope I helped you find your favorite scent. Happy Hunting!


Best Shows & Movies about Beauty/Fashion

Put on your pajamas and grab some popcorn! These are the best movies about beauty/fashion out there. (In my opinion)

  1. Devil Wears Prada
  2. Gossip Girl series
  3. The Bold Type series
  4. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  5. The Carrie Diaries series
  6. Sex and the City
  7. One Tree Hill series
  8. Coco Before Chanel

Comment below or send me a message if I missed one of your favorites! I’ve noticed there’s not a ton of movies and/or Netflix series about beauty/fashion so help me out if I should add another one to my list!




Cleanser Brush vs. Silicone Cleanser

I know a lot of people are obsessed with cleansers nowadays. Half of the people I encounter prefer a regular cleanser with a brush head and the other half prefer silicone bristles…so, I decided to try both.

I tried both of these products for a little while and I saw pros and cons with both of them.

Brush Head

  • Pros-
    • soft exfoliation
    • claims to be anti-aging
    • 2 speeds
    • water resistant (so you can bring it into the shower and use it without it getting messed up)
    • removes all my makeup
    • gets in hard to reach places/curves of the face
  • Cons-
    • replacement of brush heads every 3 months

Silicone Bristles

  • Pros-
    • waterproof
    • no replacement of brush heads
    • no bacteria growth
    • buttons for increased/reduced speeds
    • easy to maintain upkeep
    • more travel-friendly (because of size and shape)
  • Cons-
    • hard to maneuver on curves of the face (nose, forehead)
    • the vibration kinda hurts my head when I use it on more structured parts of the face (brow bone, forehead, bridge of nose)
    • hard to get a good lather (if using a face wash)
    • doesn’t exfoliate skin

After weighing all of the pros and cons of each brush, I like the brush head cleanser rather than the silicone bristle cleanser. I would rather pay every few months for a replacement head to reduce bacteria growth rather than use the silicone one altogether. I feel like the cons overweigh the pros for the silicone bristle cleanser. I hope this helps you decide between which brush to get!



What’s in my purse?

Lately, I have been seeing a slew of videos and posts about what girls (or guys) have in their bags. To my surprise, I was very intrigued by this. It is actually quite exciting to see what’s in other people’s bags, so therefore I have decided to empty out my purse and go through what I have in there (wish me luck).


So first things first, my bag is from the brand Madison West and it’s huge. I have been in love with huge bags lately because I have a lot of sh!t and I can just throw it all in there. In the purse itself, it has a little pocket that I have sunglasses, a little game of Uno, and my lanyard with all my keys on it. Within my purse, I have three other smaller “bags” to organize my essentials (I’m sort of a control freak… lol). img_6002.jpg

In the first bag (on left), I have all of my electronics. These are my electronic essentials when I leave the house because I am always using my phone for music, reading e-books, or surfing Pinterest. Also, the bag is from Victoria’s Secret and it is just the right size for all of this (plus some). So this bag includes:

  • Portable chargers
  • USB
  • Headphones


In the next bag (top right), I have all of my beauty necessities. I got this at Forever 21 and it holds all of my stuff. It’s safe to say that this is the biggest bag of them all! I have:

  • Set of lotion and spray- This one is Bali Slue Surf from Bath & Body Works.
  • Poo Pourri in citrus original (you know, in case of emergencies)
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Batiste dry shampoo in original
  • Tide to go stick
  • Lysol spray
  • Glide (anti-chafing balm)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Chapstick- Mine is Aquaphor
  • Mirror


Finally, I have my last “bag,” which is actually not a bag at all; it’s my pocketbook. In here, I have two zippered compartments. One compartment holds important things like:

  • Driver’s license
  • Student ID
  • Other cards
  • Money

The other compartment holds:

  • Library cards
  • Store value cards
  • Coupons
  • Gift cards


Well, that is everything in my bag. I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my purse. Be sure to check out my other blog posts. I hope you all have a good rest of your day and I’ll talk to you later!

Take care