Definitions for Beauty Slang Terms

If you are into makeup and you say these terms, sometimes people don’t know what the heck you’re saying (which can be so annoying sometimes!). Use this cheat sheet to send to whoever doesn’t understand your lingo!!

  • I’m shook/ shook to the core – I’m shocked/ really shocked
  • Sickening- Super cool/pretty/amazing
  • On fleek- really well/ really good. Usually used to describe eyebrows or eyeliner.
  • Beat or the beatdown- just the act of putting makeup on
  • Beat to capacity- the makeup you have applied couldn’t look any better
  • Snatched- looking good/ looking fierce
  • Slay/slaying- killing it
  • Giving life- it’s so good it is giving your life something more
  • Haul- a big shopping spree where you buy a lot of products at one time
  • Swatch- dip your brush/finger in a product and swipe it onto your skin to assess pigment/shade/etc
  • Strobing- highlighting your face
  • Glamming- getting ready/putting on makeup

Now everyone and their mother can catch up on their makeup terms! LOL! If I missed anything, comment down below and I’ll be sure to add it!

Stay Snatched.



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